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A Note to Teachers from Author Nancy Krulik
Hear what Katie's creator has to say about the series!

Series Discussion Questions
A set of questions to use as an introduction to the Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series. Be sure to check our Monthly Thematic Planning Calendar for subject- and book-specific questions and activities!

Practicing Critical Reading Skills
Use this sheet to introduce students to the elements of critical thinking while reading: making predictions, comparing and contrasting information, and analyzing cause and effect.

Demonstrating Critical Reading Skills
Now that you've discussed how to be a critical reader with your class, ask students to demonstrate what they've learned. This outline to making predictions will keep students thinking intuitively about details as they read their favorite Katie titles.

Character Venn Diagram
After learning to compare and contrast information, encourage students to use this Venn Diagram to compare and contrast different characters in the series or to compare and contrast themselves with Katie.

The Five Essential Elements of a Story
A one-sheet explaining the elements in a story for students to use as a reference.

Using the Five Essential Elements in Reading and Writing
After learning the essential elements of a story, incorporate this sheet into reading lessons to help students recognize the elements. This sheet also serves as a brainstorming tool to help students organize their own stories.

"Getting to Know You" Interview Sheet
Use this interview sheet early on in the school year to introduce crew members to one another.

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day
A nice activity for Valentine's Day, or at any time, to compliment people on their positive qualities and let them know we care.

Karate Katie: Reader's Theater
Let the magic wind blow the acting bug your way and put on this play version of Karate Katie (#18).

The Magic Wind Writing Activity
What would students do if, all of a sudden, the magic wind began to blow around them? Encourage creative thinking with this writing prompt.

Women's History Fact-Finding Sheet
An easy organizer for research this Women's History Month.

An April Fool's Joke-Off
Challenge the likes of George and Kadeem with this joke-off activity, perfect for April Fool's Day!

Pepper's Pet Day
Recognize the animals you love with this celebratory Pet Appreciation Day activity.

My Food Diary
Lucille the lunch lady fights for the students of Cherrydale Elementary School to be served more nutritious meals. Are your kids eating a healthy diet? Keep track of choices with this food diary.

A Katie for All Seasons
Introduce a science activity at any time of the year by studying the seasons. Use these graphic organizers to help students understand the characteristics of each season.

Katie Kazoo, Where Are You? Geography Game
An easy geography game to get students thinking about all the places they can go!

Read-a-thon for Charity
All the instructions and information you need to begin reading great books and helping others!

The Book Nook
Set up your own classroom Book Nook, modeled after Mrs. Carew's store, and encourage independent reading.

Boo to You, Katie Kazoo!
What's Halloween without a good ghost story? Come up with a scary story together as a class using this writing worksheet.

Create Your Own Classroom Newspaper
Use this template for the 3A Times—or create your own—to start reporting on all the current events in your community!

Katie Kazoo Spelling Bee
Everything you need—including flash cards!—to host a spelling bee with words found throughout the Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo books.

Stuff to Share with your Kids Back to top

Katie Kazoo Series Checklist
How many switcheroos have you read? Check off the titles as you read each new Katie Kazoo adventure!

Reading Log
Photocopy this Reading Log and track your progress and thoughts as you read. Students love the sense of accomplishment they get from seeing the total number of pages they can read in a month or school year!

Head to your local office supply store for 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock quality or other heavy paper. Then, photocopy this valuable tool onto the paper you bought for a sturdy way to mark pages while reading.

Let your imagination take flight with these Katie Kazoo stickers! Head to your local office supply store for 2 1/2" diameter Avery #5294 round labels. Then, photocopy these stickers and carry Katie around with you!

Trivia Game
Challenge each other with these trivia questions. Award points for each correct answer and the student or team who gets the most points, wins!

Secret Coded Message
When people have secrets, they sometimes write them down in special codes. Decipher this code to read Katie's secret message!