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Katie is an ordinary student with one extraordinary problem! Each Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo title holds an exciting and enlightening new adventure for kids. Scroll through this page to read about Katie's hilarious antics and the lesson plan themes to which they relate. Then, visit Katie Kazoo All Year Through for suggestions on how to incorporate a new theme into your classroom each month.

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Newest Books!

Three Cheers for...Who? #35
Available January 2011

When Katie takes an interest in cheerleading, Suzanne becomes jealous and starts her own squad, but just for the girls from class 4B. Katie isn't the only one annoyed. The 4B boys are so sick of the girls making up cheers, it looks like a full-fledged spirit war is about to break out. Then the magic wind strikes at the worst possible time, turning Katie into who else?—a cheerleader at the top of a pyramid. Read More

Related Themes: Sports, Friendship, Community

Super Special: Don't Be Such a Turkey!

Katie is learning about the Pilgrims in preparation for Turkey Day (aka Thanksgiving). Her class visits a reconstructed Pilgrim village where all the "inhabitants" portray a 17th century character. Can you guess what's coming? The magic wind, of course, transforming 21st-century Katie into Patience Mitchell, who is supposed to know all about spinning wool and making cornhusk dolls. In the second adventure, a family trip to New York City finds Katie switcheroo-ed into one of the performers at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here's two- for-one fun for all of Katie's many fans. Read More

Related Themes: Thanksgiving

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow #34

The beginning band has a concert coming up, and Suzanne convinces Katie that she has to look her best for the big night. And that includes a new hair- cut from Cherrydale's newest—and sparkliest—hair salon. But when the magic wind switcheroos Katie into Suzanne's stylist right before Suzanne's own cut, Katie is left in one hairy situation! Read More

Related Themes: Friendship, Performing arts

    Red, White, and—Achoo! #33

It's Presidents' Day, and everyone in class 4A is psyched. It means that they each get to dress up as a president and give an oral report in front of the class. But Katie finds herself on shaky ground after the magic wind switcheroos her into Millard Fillmore of all people. Can she prevent the ultimate Presidents' Day disaster? Read More

Related Themes: President's Day

    Super Special: Holly's Jolly Christmas!
Get into the holiday spirit with two misadventures, first at a Christmas tree farm and then at Santa's Workshop theme park! Read More

Related Themes: Christmas, Winter

    Going Batty #32
When Katie sees toy bats hanging from the ceiling of her classroom, she thinks they're Halloween decorations, until Mr. G explains they'll be doing a unit on nocturnal animals. A visit to the zoo starts out way cool but quickly goes downhill: Suzanne and Becky won't stop fighting and then Katie finds herself hanging upside down inside the Bat Cave... Read More

Related Themes: Halloween, Animals

    Tip-Top Tappin' Mom! #31
It's Mother's Day and Katie is giving her mom tap dancing lessons! Mrs. Carew really loves Katie's gift and practices all the time. But when the magic wind switcheroos Katie into her mom right before the audition, Katie panics. Will Mrs. Carew ever put on her tap shoes again? Read More

Related Themes: Mother's Day, Geography, Hobbies

    Horsing Around #30
Becky is taking riding lessons at the Cherrydale Stables. Katie convinces everyone to go to the horse show to watch—but she'll get to see what it's like from the horse's perspective when she's switcherooed into Becky's horse, Brownie. Read More

Related Themes: Autumn, Animals, Friendship

    Vote for Katie Suzanne
Everyone in Cherrydale has election fever! While the adults get ready to vote for town mayor, the fourth graders are holding an election for a fourth grade mayor! Both Katie and Suzanne are nominated, and Suzanne really (really, really!) wants to win. She even tries to sabotage Katie's campaign! Katie is furious at her ex-best friend, until two hilarious switcheroos teach her that politics is a tricky business—and not worth losing her best friend over. Read More

Related Themes: Election Day, Politics

    Major League Mess-Up #29
It's baseball season, and Katie and her friends are busy rooting for their favorite team, the Cherrydale Porcupines. Katie loves the team, but can't understand why her friends are so obsessed with the team's star shortstop, Mike Reed. She prefers the old shortstop who now sits on the bench every game. But when Katie is switcherooed into the team's star shortstop, she learns that she should never judge someone until she's standing in their size-12 baseball cleats! Read More

Related Themes: Sports, Heroes

    Free the Worms! #28
Class 4A is studying reptiles, which makes class pet Slinky the snake a minor celebrity. The whole class collects worms from the field to feed to Slinky as a treat, but Katie refuses—she's a vegetarian! Then when the magic wind appears, Katie learns what it's like to be in someone else's skin—scaly snake skin to be exact! Read More

Related Themes: Environment, Music, Poetry, Nutrition

    Flower Power #27
One afternoon Katie overhears Mr. G. say he's cutting off his ponytail and picking up a suit. Mr. G. in a suit? Something strange is going on. Of course, Suzanne (thinks she) knows exactly what's going on: Mr. G. is looking for another job. The kids in 4A can't let Mr. G. leave! So they devise a plan to make sure he stays for good. But when Katie turns into Mr. G., she discovers that she and her friends may have made their problem even worse... Read More

Related Themes: Environment, School, Community

    Super Special: On Thin Ice
Katie's on thin ice when an Olympic ice skater comes to town. When Katie turns into the skater during her performance, she really hits the ice—on her bottom, hard. Then when Katie figures out a way to fix this mess, the magic wind comes back and turns her into a famous snowboarder. Suddenly Katie's the one going downhill! That's two snow shows she's ruined in one week. Katie's hilarious escapades in these two stories make this Super Special a perfect way to chase away the winter blues! Read More

Related Themes: Winter, Sports, Heroes

    Something's Fishy #26
The fourth grade is studying fish, and that means a trip to the Cherrydale Aquarium! Everything is going along just swimmingly until Ms. Sweet drops her brand-new engagement ring into the tank—and Katie turns into a fish! Now she's stuck in a tank and she's all wet. Well, at least she can try to find Ms. Sweet's ring…although that may be difficult when Katie the clown fish is being chased by a shark! Read More

Related Themes: Science, School

    My Pops Is Tops! #25
Katie is psyched for the Parent-Kid Olympics at her school. But it turns out that her parents will be out of town, and so Katie's grandfather is going to team up with her instead. Now Katie is worried—Pops is great, but he's...well, he's OLD! Then the magic wind arrives just in time to cause more trouble. Who has Katie switcherooed into this time? Do aching knees and nose hair give you a clue? Read More

Related Themes: Olympics, Geography, Family

    Super Special: Camp Rules!
Katie is so excited for her two-week stay at sleepaway camp! Friends, activities, Color War, s'mores... and wild animals???? But Katie can't go anywhere without the magic wind following her—even to camp! Have twice the summer fun with twice the switcheroos in Katie Kazoo's newest Super Special! Read More

Related Themes: Summer vacation, Math, Nature

    No Biz Like Show Biz #24
When Miriam gets Suzanne's role in the school play (that is, the role Suzanne thinks belongs to her), Katie knows there will be trouble. But she certainly doesn't plan on being involved in it! Unfortunately, the magic wind has plans of its own—it turns Katie into Miriam just before the show! Katie doesn't know the lines and she can't sing. Will the show go on? Will it go on with Suzanne instead? Read More

Related Themes: Performing arts, Art

    Open Wide #23
Here's a funny adventure that kids can really sink their teeth into! When Emma W.'s little brother Matthew overhears Katie talking about how awful going to the dentist is, he's terrified! So Katie accompanies him to Dr. Sang's in the hopes of calming Matthew down. Then in less time than it takes to say "open wide," she herself turns into the dentist! A predicament, to be sure, but one that ends with a smile. Read More

Related Themes: Nutrition, Fear

    It's Snow Joke #22
Katie's actress friend Rosie invites her to a movie shoot at a ski lodge during winter break. Katie can't wait to hit the slopes for the first time. But unfortunately, the magic wind doesn't ever take a break. When Katie turns into the ski instructor, she lands in a very slippery situation. How will Katie fix her troubles this time?! Read More

Related Themes: Winter, Sports

    I'm Game! #21
When Katie's dad, a trivia buff, gets a chance to be a contestant on his favorite TV game show, she quizzes him to prepare him for every possible question. But the one thing she can't prepare for is the magic wind—which turns her into her dad right as the show is about to air! She's in a real mess, and this time it's on national television! Read More

Related Themes: Family, Luck, Heroes

    Super Special: Witch Switch
Katie loves Halloween. Everyone is buzzing about the costume contest, the Halloween parade is just around the corner, and a mysterious black kitten has captured Katie's attention. But the busy holiday doesn't stop the magic wind! Join Katie in this Super Special for twice the switcheroos, and find out how she saves the day! Read More

Related Themes: Halloween, Fear, Animals

    Be Nice to Mice! #20
Katie can't wait for the school science fair. But when she hears that a sixth-grader named Selena is using her pet mice as part of a science experiment, Katie does her best to put a stop to it. When she turns into Selena on the day of the fair, she gets her chance to set the mice free. What a disaster! How will Katie eek her way out of this one? Read More

Related Themes: Science, Environment, Animals

    Gotcha! Gotcha Back! #19
Katie and her friend George try to spice up the school day by playing a few practical jokes. Using a special kit full of whoopee cushions, pepper gum, and a water-spraying camera, the two kids make a splash pulling off gag after gag. But then Katie turns into George—just as he gets blamed for all the trouble! How will Katie get out of this one? Read More

Related Themes: Current events, Technology

    Karate Katie #18
Katie's friend Kevin can't wait for his big karate match. And Kevin, who says he's the best yellow belt in his class, thinks he's bound to win. But when the magic wind turns Katie into Kevin just before his big match, she manages to threaten his chances of beating the competition! Will Katie be able to karate chop her way to the top? Read More

Related Themes: Friendship, Teamwork

    Super Super Special: A Katie Kazoo Christmas
Katie can't wait for the holidays. There are so many things to look forward to! Her motorcycle-riding grandma is coming to visit, class 4A is having a Secret Santa grab bag, and it's almost time for Cherrydale's annual holiday lights display contest. But even the busy holiday season doesn't stop the magic wind! Join Katie in these three separate holiday stories and find out how she handles the holiday hijinks! Read More

Related Themes: Winter, Holidays, Math, Travel

    Super Special: A Whirlwind Vacation
Katie can't wait to go on a European vacation with her family! She's so excited to see new things and learn how people in other countries live. But she realizes that traveling abroad is harder than she thought, especially when you don't speak another language! And to make matters worse, the magic wind appears four times—turning her into a Buckingham Palace guard, a flamenco dancer in Spain, a gondola driver in Venice, and an artist in Paris! Will Katie be able to handle this vacation chaos?! Read More

Related Themes: Travel, Geography, Art

    Write On! #17
Katie can't wait for her favorite author, Nellie Farrow, to come visit her class and tell them all about her new book. But when Katie starts working on a cool new website with Suzanne, she forgets to read the book! Then Katie turns into Nellie, just when she's about to give her presentation! Will Katie be able to turn things from wrong to write? Read More

Related Themes: Technology, Reading/Writing, Animals

    Bad Rap #16
Katie and Suzanne are so excited—they won tickets to see their favorite rock group, the Bayside Boys, at the Cherrydale Arena! But when Katie turns into one of the Boys, she creates some bad vibes. Can Katie bring the band back together, or will things end on a sour note? Read More

Related Themes: Music, Poetry

    Love Stinks! #15
It's February and love is in the air!  Everyone in the fourth grade is getting into the Valentine spirit.  The kids are making cards and ordering personalized candy hearts from Cinnamon's Candy Shop, the new candy store in the mall.  But Katie has had enough—she is definitely not into all this mushy gushy stuff! Read More

Related Themes: Valentine's Day, Love

    Friends for Never #14
Katie and Suzanne have been best friends for ever.  But now Suzanne's become a total snob!  Katie has had enough, and declares that she and Suzanne are now friends for never! Read More

Related Themes: Geography, Friendship

    On Your Mark, Get Set, Laugh! #13
Katie thinks the fourth grade is awesome!  She's making lots of friends and just joined the new track team.  But Katie thinks her new track coach is simply unfair!  She only puts in the fastest runners, leaving Katie on the bench.  But when Katie turns into Coach Debbie, she decides to give all the kids a chance to compete.  Will Katie run the team into the ground? Read More

Related Themes: History, Teamwork

    Super Special: Who's Afraid of Fourth Grade?
At first, Katie and her friends can't wait to enter the fourth grade! But with the pressure of new classes, teachers, and friends, Katie isn't so sure she likes it after all. And to make matters worse, the magic wind appears twice—and turns her into her new friend Emma Weber, who has three younger siblings to help take care of, and then into her new music teacher! What's a fourth grader to do? Read More

Related Themes: School, Music, Family

    No Bones About It #12
The class 3A trip to the Natural History Museum is turning out to be a disaster: many of Katie's excited classmates are acting up, and they turn on Katie and call her a goodie-goodie when she won't join in! Even worse, their tour guide, Mr. Weir, is a big meanie! Still, when Katie turns into Mr. Weir and causes a big disaster of her own, it's up to her to make things right—and save Mr. Weir's job! Read More

Related Themes: History, Science

    No Messin' with My Lesson #11
Katie's teacher Mrs. Derkman is a finalist in the Teacher of the Year contest, and a contest official is coming to observe her teach class 3A. But when Katie suddenly turns into Mrs. Derkman, the teacher's chances don't look so good. How can Katie control a class full of out-of-control third-graders when she's just a third-grader herself? Read More

Related Themes: Newspapers, Math

    Quiet on the Set! #10
Katie and her friends are so excited when they find out that a movie is being filmed in their town. And what makes it even better is that the star of the movie is Rosie Moran—the world's most popular child actress. Katie not only gets to meet Rosie, but she turns into her. Will Katie shine in the spotlight, or will she get stage fright? Read More

Related Themes: Movies, Performing arts, Heroes

    Any Way You Slice It #9
Katie offers to help the owner of her favorite pizza shop run a pizza-eating contest. But when Katie turns into Louie the chef, how will the pizzas for the contest get made? Katie's clueless! She's never cooked anything without her mom before! Read More

Related Themes: Community, Love, Nutrition

    Doggone It! #8
When Katie's teacher moves in next-door, Katie can't believe her bad luck! Nothing could be worse than your own teacher living next door—or could it? Mrs. Derkman hates dogs, and she wants the dogs on their street to be kept on leashes at all times! Katie is furious. Then the magic wind blows, turning Katie into her own dog, Pepper. Will she be able to convince her teacher that dogs are not all bad? Read More

Related Themes: Community, Animals, Nature

    Drat! You Copycat! #7
Becky is the new girl in class 3A, and she's a great big copycat! She's trying to be just like Katie's best friend Suzanne. She follows Suzanne around, dresses like her, and steals Suzanne's class report topic. Suzanne can't stand Becky! Then, the magic wind turns Katie into Becky. Will Suzanne change her mind about the new girl? Will Katie turn back into herself without causing too much trouble? Read More

Related Themes: Women's History Month, Heroes

    Get Lost! #6
Katie's class is going on a two-day science field trip to Nature School. The Nature School counselor is called Genie—Genie the Meanie! Genie is very strict and doesn't want the kids to have any fun. She's ruining the field trip! When Katie turns into Genie and is left leading her class on a hike, she gets them totally lost! Back in her own body, how will Katie get things on track again? Read More

Related Themes: Science, Nature, Travel

    I Hate Rules! #5
When Katie gets caught breaking the rules, first passing a note, and later with a cell phone (that isn't even her's!), she loses her recess for the day. She's had it with the school rules! When she turns into the principal, Mr. Kane, she makes a new rule—that there are no rules! Things get out of hand and Katie turns back into herself before she can fix things. The real Mr. Kane loses his job because the parents and teachers are so angry. Will Katie be able to make things right and get Mr. Kane his job back? Read More

Related Themes: School, Rules, Sports

    Girls Don't Have Cooties #4
Katie has plans to go to Suzanne's all-girl sleepover party, but Jeremy wants her to ride the hot new rollercoaster. Annoyed, Jeremy and the other boys from Class 3A decide that all girls have cooties. When Katie finds herself in Jeremy's shoes—literally—she tries to reunite the boys and girls. Will Katie's plan work? Or will it just be one big mess? Read More

Related Themes: Friendship, History, Sports

    Oh, Baby! #3
Katie and Suzanne want to see the new big movie, Tornado, but neither of their parents will let them. As Suzanne complains loudly about always being treated like her baby sister, Katie actually becomes Suzanne's baby sister, Heather. Find out how Katie gets out of this one! Read More

Related Themes: Family, Music, Current events

    Out to Lunch #2
It's been a couple of weeks since Katie turned into the class hamster, and she's beginning to hope that maybe her transforming days are through. But more excitement lies ahead for Katie as she becomes Lucille, the cafeteria lunch lady! Unfortunately, the principal isn't too happy with a lunch lady who throws egg salad and starts food fights so it's up to Katie (back in her own body) and her classmates, to save the day. Read More

Related Themes: Nutrition, Writing

    Anyone But Me #1
Katie can't stand George, the class bully. He constantly picks on everyone, but he really torments Katie. One day, she can't stand it anymore, and she wishes she could be anyone but herself. What she doesn't see is the shooting star that flashes through the sky at that moment...catapulting Katie into a crazy series of adventures, starting the next day when she turns into the class hamster! Will she be trapped in a glass cage forever? Will she ever be a girl again? Read More

Related Themes: Friendship, School, Animals